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Luciole boutique was established in 2018 by Chelsey Rae. Having worked in a couple TV broadcast internships while in College, then landing her first “real job” in Sales & Marketing for a large corporation, and later working for a small Seattle Tech company; she noticed finding trendy work-appropriate clothes (within budget) was becoming quite the time-consuming & difficult task. She knew she needed to solve this issue, so that young professional women could feel their very best and therefor, produce their best work. This is when the concept of Luciole was born…

Luciole is a Parisian-inspired online clothing boutique designed for the professional young woman. These chic & feminine styles will help you to feel inspired, vibrant and ready to tackle any task with confidence; because having a day job does not mean you need to sacrifice your sense of style.

The Luciole woman...

  • Works hard but is also secretly day-dreaming of her next vacation destination
  • Desires to express herself through fashion and current trends but also seeks to maintain a professional vibe in her day-to-day
  • Is tired of the same sad black slacks & solid button-up shirts
  • …yet she doesn’t have the energy to comb through the internet, page after page to find the very few work appropriate, on-trend pieces in her price-range
  • Feels inspired by the classic & polished Parisian look; one that conveys a natural elegance
  • Enjoys a nice latte, a top knot bun & a fresh manicure
  • Will stop at nothing to accomplish her dreams, she knows her worth

What does Luciole mean? Luciole [Loo-see-‘ol] is French for “firefly”, which is symbolic of how every young woman should feel every day; Vibrant & full of life!