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Channel your inner Parisian Woman

Let's face it, the Parisian woman is often painted as an elegant, charming, elusive & fiercely independent goddess. So what's her secret? We'll spill some of the tea and help you out.



Find out below with 5 Tips & Tricks:


1) She cares more about skincare than makeup 

Instead of relying on makeup to 'fix' & conceal the appearance of her skin, she focuses on creating a true glow through her skincare regime - This way she can minimize the makeup routine and embrace the skin she's in.

 Invest in a good face wash, moisturizer, eye cream & an all-natural toning spray to 'up' your skin-care routine for a nice natural glow. 



2) She keeps some thing's private to maintain a 'mysterious' vibe

Sometimes less is more.

Not everything is meant to be shared, try to keep some details to yourself. Sure, it's great to relate to people, but it's not always necessary to divulge all your secrets. 




3) She enjoys everything in moderation

 Whether it's a morning croissant, a plate of frites, or a rich dark chocolate cake & a bold glass of cabernet - she doesn't hesitate to treat herself. 

She does, however, keep it balanced. A foamy cappuccino and croissant for breakfast, a farmers market salad & a sparkling water for lunch and a small portion of chicken & sautéed veggies with a glass of cab (or two) for dinner.

This helps her to enjoy each indulgence, because when in moderation, it's so much more enjoyable.


4) She ages with grace

She's not afraid of aging. She simply takes good care of herself and she embraces where she's at in life. 

She's not only unafraid of aging, but she's proud of who she's become and the experiences which have shaped her.

The goal here is to look the best you can at your current age, not desperately attempting to age backwards. 


5) Most importantly? She's confident & she loves herself

She's at peace with her flaws & loves herself unapologetically.

She's doesn't self deprecate, she doesn't talk badly about herself to bond with others, she's comfortable in her own skin. Walking into a room full of strangers excites her because she owns who she is. 

I think this is one the biggest tips we can take away; confidence is sexy- and if you need to, fake it till you make it, love. 


XOXO - Luciole